Supreme Court No Longer Supreme For Americans

Conservatives insist that “Activist Judges” impose their ideas upon the American people and it is necessary to change those on the Supreme Court in order to restore what our Founding Fathers wanted. Of course, we all know that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and George Washington believed corporations are “people” and entitled to the rights of people. Check out the Constitutional Convention where you can read their comments about corporations as people. Ironically, most Americans today believe the CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT which now rules, is imposing their beliefs upon our nation.

Nearly three fourths of those surveyed believe Supreme Court judges allow their political and personal views to impact how they interpret the law. Over fifty percent expect these personal and poltical ideas will determine if the Obama health plan is declared constitutional.

Justice Anthony Scalia blasted the health care law on grounds the next item on the government list will be to force all Americans to eat broccoli. Of course, all Americans who work on forced to accept Social Security, all are forced to  purchase car insurance, all are forced to pay for seat belts. Heck, farmers are forced to allow government rules regarding what and how they plant.

Of course, the Conservative Judges are guided by personal and political views, not the Law!