Supreme Court Strikes Down Bush Prison Policies

The long American nightmare may well be ending as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the rights of detainees to be accorded historic rights of being able to confront charges of crimes rather than being kept in an indefinite state of limbo in which one is arrested but never told the reason. In 5-4 vote the Supreme Court rule detainees at the Guantanamo prison had a right to appeal to American civilian courts to challenge the fact they are being detained without informed of the reasons for detention . President Bush objected and hinted he might seek legislation to retain the prisoners in the current state of limbo. In a sharp dissent, Justice Scalia raised the spectre of Americans dying because the detainees would flock to battlefields and once again engage in warfare.

It is not surprising the two Bush appointees, Roberts and Alito voted against allowing rights to detainees. This fact is a blatant reason why Barack Obama must be elected president in the upcoming election.