Supreme Court Violates The Constitution!!

The United States Supreme Court which has five Catholic judges has rendered a decision which threatens to undo the First Amendment to the Constitution which provides for separation of religion from government. By a 5-4 vote the Court allowed Hobby Lobby corporation to be exempt from obeying a law because its religious principles did not allow them to grant health care for female employees seeking access to contraceptives. This is the greatest attack on the principle of separation of state and church in the history of the United States of America. According to Catholic Justice Samuel Alioto, a corporation which is headed by a few people does not have to follow federal laws if its religious principles are “violated.” He argues the decision only applies to oral contraceptives in the Affordable Care Act, and only applies to a privately owned firm which lacks a difference between their business responsibilities and their personal religious views!

Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is shocked. She terms this decision “potentially sweeping” with the potential to alter fundamental American Constitutional law. What next, my religious views do not allow me to pay income tax? If corporations can use “religious views” to determine their behavior, we can expect to witness the rise of hundreds of such corporations demanding not to pay or adhere to any government law. In which law school did the four CATHOLIC judges attend? Sorry, this is the most blatant example of Supreme Court judges allowing their religious views to intrude into constitutional issues.

If you believe in the US Constitution, vote this November, and vote for each and every Democratic candidate in order to prevent the Senate from getting under the control of Republicans.