Supreme Low For Supreme Court

Many Americans actually believe that members of the US Supreme Court decide cases on the basis of law. The current conservative majority which ensured that George Bush would become president in 2000 because they did not want Democrat Al Gore to win continue their crusade against the rights of poor people, and women. Latest Pew poll results indicate more and more Americans are tired of the conservative bent which rules  the day. Only 52% of Americans have a favorable view of the Supreme Court and 29% have an unfavorable view.

It increasingly is clear Americans do not wish the Supreme Court to over rule decisions of the US Congress because they do not like a law. Justice Scalia sarcastically commented requiring all to join a health plan was the first step toward making us eat broccoli. All are compelled to purchase auto insurance, all must have seat belts in cars, and we used to draft all men into the armed forces. Frankly, being forced to  eat broccoli seems much nicer than facing enemy fire.