Sure Bet– Who Wins Russian Duma Election!

All polls suggest that President Putin’s United Russia party will win an overwhelming victory in this week’s election for the Duma, but he president apparently wants to make double certain victory is guaranteed. Election officials have been ordered to make sure that United Russia collects double the number of votes it is expected to win in the State Duma elections on Sunday. The Central Elections Commission strongly denied the allegation, but accounts from other people familiar with the issue– including opposition politicians and state-paid workers, spoke of mounting pressure to round up votes for United Russia. One official who heads a key regional election committee told the Moscow Times that United Russia was aiming at doubling the number of votes the latest opinion polls indicate it will win. The official noted in previous elections, they would falsify figures even while foreign observers were present. The Moscow Times claims there are reports teachers, doctors, and bureaucrats have been ordered to each round up 10 voters and make certain they vote for United Russia. At Oryoi State University, professors told students to vote for United Russia or face dismissal.

At times, Vladmir Putin reminds one of Richard Nixon who in 1972 was all but assured of winning the presidential election, but insisted on the Watergate break in due to his paranoia that somehow Democrats were planning to do something to snatch victory from his grasp. Putin is running scared for some reason that is only known to his paranoid mind. The only thing he can definitely be certain of attaining besides winning this election is that he has destroyed democracy in Russia.