Surge In Iraqi Displaced Matches US Military Surge

The US military surge has been receiving enthusiastic comments from its supporters, but scant mention is being made of the surge in people displaced by the surge. At least a 100,000 people left their homes in the month of October raising the number of Iraqi displaced from 2.2 million to 2.3 million. It is estimated at least 1.5 million have left the country, but there are now increased restrictions being placed on Iraqi refugees in Syria, Lebanon, etc.. which has increased the difficulty of Iraqi going elsewhere to find refuge from the horror which envelops their land. Amal al-Kabuli of the red Crescent claims “the promises made by the government of Norui al-Maliki hto help the displaced people return to their homes has not ben honored.” Promises of paying refugees while they are displaced have also gone unfulfilled.

The famous “surge” undoubtedly has reduced insurgent activity, but what no one knows for certain is what happens when US troops stand down. Will gains made by the surge continue? Will they evaporate? No one knows, but it is clear there are hundreds of thousands of refugees wandering around Iraq.