Surprise: Biden Backs Israel!

The political wars in America are heating up as Democratic vice president candidate Joe Biden angrily denied he said anything that might be construed as anti-Israel. he angrily denied an Army Radio report which claimed he told Israel officials three years ago that he was firmly opposed to an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and that Israel must learn to get along with a nuclear Iran. His press secretary, David Wade, insisted “this is a lie peddled by partisan opponents of Senators Obama and Biden and we will not tolerate anyone questioning Senator Biden’s thirty five years record of standing up for the security of Israel.” Wade added that Biden had made clear that a nuclear threat posed a danger to Israel and “we m ust prvent a nuclear Iran.”

The Army Radio report did not name any sources for its information and did not name the Israel officials supposedly told this by Biden. Most probably, we will not learn if this conversation actually occurred even if the alleged remarks of Biden make a lot of sense. Politics dominates what American politicians will say in the coming days.