Surprise! Japan Finally Apologizes To South Koreans!

Surprise! The Japanese nation has finally got around to apologizing to other Asian nations for the pain, brutality and death it caused for half a century. Japan seized the country of Korea in 1910 and on the 100th anniversary of this land grab, a Japanese prime minister expressed remorse. PM Naoto Kan told the people of Korea: “for the enormous damage and suffering caused by this colonization, I would like to express once again our deep remorse and apologize.” Now, it would be nice if Japan apologized to the people of China for killing five million and to the women of China for the “rape of Nanking”during which time an estimated 75,000 Chinese women were raped. How about an apology to the people of the Philippines for murdering about 10,000 Filipino soldiers during the infamous Bataan Death March? Of course, five thousand American soldiers were also murdered during this march. We could add how apologies are due to Indonesians, people in Burma and those in Thailand.

Japan will not cleanse its soul until the Education minister finally insists its history books should present a more objective and truthful account of World War II. At present, Japan is portrayed as a “victim,” rather than as an aggressor. It might help Japanese youth to understand why the atomic bomb was used against its homeland.