Surprise– Mugabe Breaks Off Unity Talks!

Robert Mugabe is still respected by many African leaders for his work in ending British colonial rule of Zimbabwe, but the people of that unfortunate nation detest a man whose only thought in life is perpetuation of power even if that results in starvation, death and diseases. Mugabe once again broke off unity talks with Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change which has won the only democratic election in Zimbabwe in recent years. In September, Mugabe agreed to share power with the MDC, but during the intervening months he has beaten and imprisoned its leaders under the pretext of “security.”

Nothing will change for the people of Zimbabwe unless African leaders take the position that concern for people transcends old friendships. The African Union has to stand up for African rights. The tragedy of modern Africa is failure of African leaders to place the interests of people before their own personal agendas.