Surprise-Neo Nazis Set Up Shop In Berlin!

Top German politicians have protested over the relocation of a prominent Swedish right wing extremist who has ties to German neo-Nazis to the city of Berlin. Patrik Brinkmann, leader of the Continent European Foundation announced he was headed to Berlin, come hell or high water. His organization said: “the aim of the Continent European Foundation leader Patrik Brinkmann is to move to Berlin by 2010 at the latest and create a Europe wide internationale of nationalists with national organizations from all European people.” These statements are aimed to create panic in an effort to generate publicity for groups that have limited membership and need all the media attention they can generate.

Yes, there are nationalist groups all over Europe, in east Europe they assault Romas and immigrants in an effort to secure popular support. They may garner a few hundred for a march but their bark is more effective than their bite. They never secure more than five to seven percent of a vote which is normal in all societies. The world will never eliminate such groups, they live on the fringe and will remain there unless people may dramatic shifts in attitudes. Focus on jobs, peace, building bridges between ethnic and religious groups and nationalists will remain in the darkness of fear.