Surprise! Pakistan Admits Mumbai Terrorist Pakistanis

After weeks of refusing to admit the attackers at Mumbai were from Pakistan, the Pakistani Minister of Information, Sherry Rehman, admitted the sole remaining survivor, Ajmal Kasab really came from their nation and not from Mars. The admittance followed public release of the dossier given Pakistan by the government of India. The 69 page report contains abundant evidence the terrorists were well armed and possessed modern electronic equipment. Throughout the attack, their handlers in Pakistan were providing advice and information on what should be done and who should be killed. A message early in the morning of 27 November said: “kill all the hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.”

The amazing aspect of this entire situation is the refusal of the Pakistan government to come to grips with the reality that people from their nation organized and carried out the Mumbai terror. “We are confirming that Kasab is Pakistani citizen but I cannot say a word more,” admitted Ms. Rehman. Hopefully, now that Pakistan is finally facing reality the government might come to grips with the need to crack down on its secret service, the ISI and take the first step toward breaking ties with terrorists in Pakistan.