Mitt Romney is most probably furious after discovering how Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wins elections, he does not use money, he uses POWER. Initial reports indicate the man who believes he alone is capable of being president of Russia apparently won another election. He shouted to Russians, “Glory To Russia” and made clear he won despite efforts of opponents to steal the election from him. According to Putin, they were “intent on destroying Russia’s statehood and usurping power.” It is rather unclear how those lacking control over the police, the army, counting the  ballots, could somehow subvert the election.

Most observers reported countless examples of ballot stuffing, beating up those who were assigned to supervise counting of ballots. This was a fixed election. Proof? The vote for Putin in Chechnya was 99.8% and opponents gathered the remaining votes. There are reports that Putin followers intend to get the names of those who did not vote the correct way. Glory to Russia!