Surprise! UK Voters Don’t Trust Labor Party!

Historically, the British Labor Party was in the forefront of fighting to end war and to work for peace in the world. Unfortunately, they selected Tony Blair as their party’s leader and this man forged a friendship with the brilliant leader of the United States–George Bush. Tony, the man with the backbone of a chocolate eclair, blindly followed the nincompoop from Texas into the tragedy that is Iraq, wasted billions of dollars and left his nation angry and confused. Add on the debacle of handling a world-wide economic disaster and it is no surprise most inhabitants of the UK no longer trust the Labor Party.

An overwhelming majority of voters believe Labor does not tell the truth about the state of the nation’s finances. About 43% support the Conservative Party, 26% favor Labor, 19% are for the LIberal Democrats and the remainder are trying to figure out if anyone is ready to tell the truth.

If one lies down with the dogs of war eventually one will have the stink of lies and deception hang onto one’s body.