Surprise-War In Iraq!

For those under the age of 20 in the United States of America or in Iraq this marks the half way point in their  lives that war has been the norm in Iraq. Another explosion, another group of people dead, another example  of Prime Minister Maliki’s incompetent leadership and fostering of hate and discord with fellow Iraqis. An attack in Tikrit led to a dozen deaths and a dozen wounded people. Sunni leaders are attacking Shiite folk just as Shiite folk are attacking Sunni people. In theory, when American troops left this land, they left behind a government that allegedly was engaged in sharing power among Shiites, Sunni and Kurdish leaders.

“Sharing power” is simply not in the vocabulary of Prime Minister Maliki. He antagonized Sunni citizens by seeking to arrest his Sunni vice president-now fled to another place. He antagonized Kurdish leaders because he does not want to share power with anyone-particularly if the  word, “oil” is part of the discussion. He goes on his merry way of death and destruction and the people of Iraq suffer under still another dictator.