Surrender Or No Talks!

Kim Song-un, leader of the great nation of North Korea, is an enigma wrapped in a mystery whose contents can readily blow up in your hands. The defiant pudgy little boy informed the world it will not talk to anyone, anytime unless those who oppose his great regime surrender to his wishes. He apparently wants to talk about something at some time but will not reveal what he desires to negotiate about until the UN and the world agrees to his demands. What are his demands is the question. Actually, his demands are quite clear, agree to his demands. If the world agrees to what he desires then, and only then, will the world learn what are the demands being agreed to.

The mystery grows murkier and more complex with each passing day. Most probably, the latest tantrum of defiance is aimed at North Korean military leaders in order to make clear to one and all that their leader is as tough as any  prior leader of the nation. If only the world would surrender, this impasse would end and peace and  joy would return to the world.