Surveillance Is Safe

I am old enough to recall the famous words of Secretary of War Henry Stimson, who when told there was a group of men who were stealing messages from another country’s embassy, responded with indignation that “gentlemen do not read the messages of other people.” Ah, that was a time of innocence. Today, President Barack Obama is determined not only to steal messages from strangers but from friends and neighbors-in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY. He recently created a review panel which supposedly is reviewing how the US government is engaged in checking out the mail and other messages being sent by the American people to one another. The president claimed this panel would investigate surveillance and do something. Two men on this panel admitted the initial sessions were dominated by the interests of technology firms, and somehow, they never actually had any time to discuss the interests of American citizens.

Sascha Meinrath, of the New American Foundation, insisted the function of this review panel “is to bleed off pressure, without getting to the meaningful reform.”This is rather a cynical approch to efforts of the president to do something. I suspect the inital issue confronting the panel is how to do something without doing anything so no one will be upset. After all, NATIONAL SECURITY is at stake. How can this nation be safe from TERRORISTS if the government does not have access to what we Americans eat for breakfast. If government agencies lack this data, we will have a breakfast gap and TERRORISTS will know what we eat each morning.

First TERRORISTS gain the lead in the breakfast knowledge and soon they were in the leas in the drone knowledge.