Suspicious Looking People-Stay Out Of Arizona

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, famous policeman from Maricopa county in Arizona, is getting his outdoor prison ready to receive hundreds of illegal Mexican immigrants as the new law kicks in allowing suspicious illegals to be arrested. According to Sheriff Joe, “if there’s a new law out, we’re going to enforce it.” The law allows police to arrest those in the state who are not legal citizens. Arizona guidelines to police are to arrest anyone who looks suspicious, displays signs of being nervous and is in an overcrowded car. We warn moms who are taking neighborhood kids to the baseball field to be on alert for police who undoubtedly will halt your car. Tell kids in the car not to act nervous. Human rights activist Liz Hourican will be marching with her compatriots in order to block the driveway to immigration offices. Her slogan is: “don’t buy, don’t comply.”

A federal judge is expected to rule as to the constitutionality of a state passing laws pertaining to foreign policy issues. Of course, if we pursue Arizona criteria, there are many visitors to America who might wind up in jail rather than at Disney world.