Suspicious Stuff Near Pentagon

A suspicious car was parked near the Pentagon and a suspicious man was seen running away in a suspicious manner toward a suspicious area of the Arlington cemetery where he was apprehended by a pair of suspicious policemen. Early reports indicated there was a suspicious package in the back seat of the suspicious car, the one that the suspicious man ran away from. Police closed several nearby highways until they could determine what was happening during this suspicious time of the year. There are also reports of suspicious people in suspicious cars which were trapped in the suspicious traffic jam caused by the suspicious car which had a suspicious package in the back seat. Finally, a group of not-so-suspicious police checked out the suspicious car with the suspicious package after apprehending the suspicious man in Arlington cemetery.

Police Sgt. David Schlosser reported there was no suspicious package in the car which, however still remained on the suspicious list. last year they investigated a suspicious package in a suspicious car and found it was an Christmas ornament that was flashing.

This certainly was one suspicious story.