Swear And Die In Saudi Arabia!

Sabri Bogday, from a small town in Turkey, headed to Saudi Arabia eleven years ago in search of work. He opened a barber shop in order to make enough money so one day he could return home and buy a house for his family and enjoy the fruits of his labor. A few months ago, Mr. Bogday got into an argumenmt with neighbor, who came from Egypt, heated words of anger were exchanged by the two men and their friendship became ruptured. A few days later Mr. Bogday was arrested by Saudi police and charged with the horrible crime of having sworn at God and using God’s name in vain.

A trial was held and Mr. Bogday was sentenced to the penalty of death for swearing. The neighbor who made the accusation closed down his tailor shop, never attended a single moment of the trial which resulted in the death sentence, and left the nation.

Saudi Arabia stands with the United States in the fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, that fight against terrorism does not include the nation of Saudi Arabia.

  • Umberto Figliuzzi

    I’m against death penalty

  • Jakester

    We should have invaded SA instead of Iraq. Those fascist, Jew hating medieval throwbacks make me puke. Yet we are all supposed to buy the” Islam = peace + tolerance” line, this in a country that is the heart of Islam.

  • Nikolay

    In respect to Arabian people such horrible crime against humanity shouldn’t be tolerated and opposed to stop ones and for all. If they so love God they find their practice against Turkish Barber as their sin be condemned in discriminatory, humiliative, abusive, barbarian criminal act. Those judges and other their followers had to be helped by punishment to go themselves through same tortures to the hell.