Sweden Bans Fake Boobs-Republicans Furious!

A new law which bans fake boobs in Sweden has sent a shudder of fear through members of the American Republican Party. What if this idea hops across the Atlantic and becomes law in the United States of America? What if it is now illegal to be a boob? What happens if FOX News must present newscasters who actually know the geographic position of Iraq and Afghanistan? What happens if the cute blond newscaster who reads words which roll by as she is on TV has to use her own words? Could anyone imagine the shock to the Rush Limbaugh program if in order to discuss Constitutional issues one had to actually READ THE CONSTITUTION?

Oh, I just had something handed to me which says the Swedish law does not refer to the boobs who inhabit the Republican Party but the boobs on a human body. Gee, I wonder if Sarah has real boobs, she certainly does not have any real understanding of American history. Just remember a boob in hand is worth ten boobs on Fox News.