Sweden Cracks Down On Fake Universities

The Internet has produced wondrous new opportunities for learning, but it also has spawned a new era of “universities” that exist only on paper, not in the life of the mind. The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education is asking the government for legal support in order to crack down on institutions which offer degrees but lack a substantial education foundation. For example, the Scandinavian University of Science and Technology targets English speaking people, and is only accessible via the Internet since it only has a post office box registered in Angered, a suburb of Gothenburg. We can assume no campus or library exists which students could actually access.

A growing problem is the presence of such institutions which cater to those desperate for a university degree in order to upgrade their education in quest of better jobs and pay. Unfortunately, these “universities” can prey on poor people and those lacking financial resources to attend regular universities. Perhaps, the European Union can establish certain criteria which would determine the legitimacy of an institution of higher learning.