Sweden Faulted For Discrimination

Sweden stands out as a nation which has opened its doors to refugees from Iraq and other troubled regions, but, like any society, there still remain vestiges of discrimination and prejudice within its borders. Sweden’s ombundsman issued a sharply critical report concerning the presence of discrimination within Sweden and urged changes in policies. “There are still discriminatory structures that affect minorities’ possibilities to have their rights respected,” noted the report. It pointed out that a variety of groups ranging from Jews to Roma to Samis confront the need to sacrifice aspects of their culture or language in order to fit into Swedish society. There were many complaints form Samis that their language rights were not being respected.

Multiculturalism is a complex process of finding the balance between respect for the rights and cultures of individual groups and the necessity of integration diverse ideas within a framework that is respectful without sacrificing national norms of democracy. The report was sharply critical that discrimination in schools against certain groups resulted in “consequences for their possibiilties to advance to higher education.

  • jglammi

    There is no right to bring a foreign culture into another country or have a foreign language respected officially. It damages the local culture. The Sami are in another boat; they were already there, like the Finnish speakers of Sweden.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Foreigners brought music, humor, great science ideas, new ideas for clothing, and played key roles in the development of the movie and radio industries. What’s wrong with having more than one language in a country? Most Europeans speak more than one language.

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