Sweden Funds New Immigrants

Many nations are dealing with world wide rises in immigration by either denying their presence or taking harsh steps to get rid of those who were not born in the nation. Sweden has decided to confront its immigration by developing a coordinated plan for economic assistance and integration. The Swedish government intend to spend nearly $300 million to aid the integration of newly arrived immigrants within society. It currently takes years for an adult immigrant to find suitable work resulting in an employment rate that is 10% lower than that of native born Swedes. A more logical approach to immigrants is one based on quickly getting them into jobs so they do not linger on welfare rolls and Swedish authorities hope this will attain this long term goal.

An important component of the program is setting aside funding that will allow immigrants to enter colleges or training programs in order to obtain necessary skills for employment. There will also be additional funds to improve the effectiveness of Swedish courses for immigrants.

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