Sweden Has Not Left 17th Century

Sweden is a wonderful nation and its people are respected for intelligence and decency, but publication by Aftonbladet, a national journal, of rumors, speculation, and blatant lies only means some Swedes have their heads stuck in the 17th century. The old “blood libel” directed at Jews remains alive and well in Sweden if one of its major newspapers deigns to publish this rubbish. Andrea Myerhoff, an MD on the staff of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, was more amused than shocked at this piece of trash that was published. The story purports to tell one night seventeen years ago when allegedly members of the IDF shot a Palestinian youth in order to get his organs.

According to Dr. Myerhoff, “a gunshot wound in the chest or abdomen is a serious injury because it can damage internal organs. Why, if the goal is to steal organs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, would soldiers shoot an individual both in the chest and abdomen, andr