The Ministry of Education in Sweden is considering creating special classes for elite students. Those as young as eleven will take tests which would become the basis as to whether they should be places in an elite class. After all, it is LIBERALS are those who seek to equalize the lives of people by forcing students who are mentally superior to be held back from attaining their goals in life by inferior students. I am certain that a TEST will be able to measure the ability of superior students and identify those who are inferior in life. Why not take this concept one further step:

1. Classes for elite babies who are able to stand up and walk. Why should these superior students be held back by SLOW WALKERS?

2. Classes for elite students who are able to hit a ball further than other children would ensure that sissy students who are unable to be athletically gifted stay away from the athletically gifted.

3. We need a test to identify gifted students in eating. Why should a child who is able to consume five hamburgers and three orders of French Fries be held back by those who can barely finish a hamburger?

4. We need a test to identify gifted cheer leaders. After all, if a girl can jump five feet in the air should she be forced to be in a class with poor jumpers?

5. We need a means test which will identify students whose family has more money. After all, if your family has more money it means they are smarter. It is the right of rich kids to be in classes with fellow rich kids. It’s in the Constitution!

America was founded by men and women who did not need THE GOVERNMENT telling them what to do, what to eat or having them held back by stupid lazy illegal immigrants and poor children. It is time to ensure that smart white Anglo Saxon children are allowed to attain their natural rights to lead this nation. First, the GOVERNMENT, made kids go to school, then the GOVERNMENT decided what was proper food for them to eat, and now the GOVERNMENT wants to allow lazy students to be in class with our gifted youth.

It is a fundamental belief of conservatives that they were destined by God Himself to rule this world.