Sweden Set For Stricter Teacher Credentials

The Swedish government is developing plans to revamp its teacher education program and have a new teaching credential. The goal is to prevent “unqualified teachers” from securing full time positions in schools. Minister for Education Jan Bjorkiund argued, “it’s wrong to hire unqualified teachers full-time and I want to put a stop to it. With certain exceptions for teachers in particular occupational subjects.” The new law will state who is qualified and who is not. He also announced Swedish teachers will have the opportunity to study abroad on 80% base pay.

The issue is what is meant by “qualified..” In America that most frequently is equated to taking teacher education courses on the assumption those who take such courses become better teachers. We need more creative ideas on what constitutes a qualified teacher that does not equate college courses with being a better teacher.

Sweden has a great idea to allow teachers to study abroad and be paid. Kudos for the idea!