Swedes Living Longer

I read a report in a Swedish newspaper that people in that nation are living longer than people in the great nation of the United States of America. While we Americans live to about 78, women in Sweden are now living to 83.2 years and men to about 79.1 years. I immediately checked with the local branch of the Tea Party in order to understand how this could happen. I thought since we Americans did not allow this Socialist national health insurance scheme it meant we had the best medical care in the world. I was quickly informed by the local Tea Party man, not to believe such figures. He pointed out to me our life expectancy figures were lower because in this nation, too many poor people do not take care of themselves and allow themselves to get ill. If they would only eat the right foods, and exercise more they would live longer.
I asked him about health care as a factor and was assured if you have health insurance, it simply demonstrates your concern for better health. I asked about people who could not afford health insurance and Tom made clear to me, there is always the Emergency Room and, of course, that should only be used in an emergency.
I showed him the figures from Sweden. Tom laughed and said as long as Fox News reports we live longer, we live longer than any nation which has national health insurance. After all, if it is on Fox News, it is the truth and figures from Socialist nations can go to hell.

I left with assurance Americans live longer-and never believe any figure from a Liberal nation.