Swedish Churches Allow Use By Holocaust Deniers

The Church of Sweden found itself in an awkward situation when it was discovered its churches were being used by a conservative religious group that not only wants to convert the people of Sweden to Catholicism, but is a Holocaust denier. The Society of St. Pius X(SSPX) is an ultra-conservative breakaway of the Catholic Church and has recently moved to Sweden in an effort to continue their efforts of converting Swedish Protestants back to the Catholic faith their ancestors abandoned. SSPX bishop Richard Williamson has openly denied there was such a thing as the Holocaust and has defended Adolf Hitler against charges of trying to kill Jews. The Church of Sweden has decided to bar the use of its churches to such groups and will maintain a closer eye on who uses churches.

Sten Sandmark left the Church of Sweden when it decided to allow same sex marriages and now devotes his time to seeking the conversion of his benighted countrymen back to the one true faith of Catholicism. Sandmark has been successful at attracting neo-Nazi groups , but there is scant evidence he has made inroads into the Swedish population.