Swedish Common Sense On Asylum Seekers

The Swedish government and the Green Party put together a proposal ffor new policies that would govern immigrants who seek to remin in the nation and avoid being returned to their native lands where they might be subject to brutality. Under terms of the agreement, Sweden would not return anyone if they had secured work. Migration Minister Tobias Billistrom termed it “the biggest reform of Swedish immigration polcy for several decades.”If a job seeker who comes from outside the European Union receives a bona fide job offer frm an employer in Sweden, they will be able to secure permits for residency and employment. The proposal also provides for longer time limits in which to secure residency and obtain a job. “From now on,” said Billstrom, “no labour force immigrant will be forced to go home despite having work.”

This is an interesting model for other nations to accept in confronting issues of human rights abuses for those seeking asylum. It is simple, clear, and fair.

  • http://hfhk Nana

    hi what sweden is doing now is the best way that all other nation should do.
    Thank you sweden. May God blessed you