Swedish Girl Stabs Bully

It was a minor story about a basically unimportant incident, but the event is one that happens in every nation and in every school. A 15 year-old Swedish girl had been bullied for over three years by a boy, and when she was told to wash up while standing next to her tormentor, something snapped, and she took out the knife she had brought to school and decided it was time for action. Fortunately, the boy was not seriously wounded, but authorities decided to charge her with attempted murder. She admitted, “right after I was so happy, but the others in the class were scared or panicked.” Naturally, the principal denied there was any bullying in the school and his claim was supported by teachers.

Comments by the principal and teachers remind me of what educators said about the Columbine boys who killed several classmates in Denver years ago. No one knew anything about how the two boys were bullied. There is bullying in EVERY SCHOOL IN THE WORLD. How about educators opening their eyes or listening to what goes on in their schools.

The action of the girl were wrong, but she was being bullied.

  • douglas rishor

    teachers do not control children they fear to dicipline and lie about the problems in most modern soceties