Swedish Government Will Not Educate Imams

A special commission hired by the Swedish government to investigate the necessity of educating Muslim imams concluded to do so would interfere with separation of church from government. State sponsored education for imams claimed the report would constitute special considerations for one religious faith over others. The commission recommended that further education should come from normal education institutions. Of course, the very nature of this report is somewhat insulting to Muslims. Is there a commission studying the necessity of the government providing education for Rabbis, priests and ministers? How was the assumption reached that imams required special education?

Undoubtedly, the real reason for this study is an assumption that imams in Sweden are somehow connected to terrorism. One initial question is evidence that such is the case. Perhaps, a more important goal of government would be to subsidize meetings of religious leaders from all faiths to learn from one another and build the foundation of peace between those of different religions.