Swedish Judge Judges With Hate In Heart

A judge in Sweden while sitting on cases that involved immigrants wrote to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in which she blasted the defendants for not being real Swedes. Bodil Schibil told the prime minister the government needed to “protect its own people” against “these fanatical immigrants who really have no reason to be here other than to be supported by taxpayers.” She also urged that Islam should be “forbidden from further spreading itself within our country.” Ms. Schibil no longer sits on cases and when contacted by The Local, she informed reporters “there has never been a multicultural society that worked–only in the minds of politicians.”

Lost in this story is the question as to whether the Swedish court system is going to review the cases she heard to ensure that rights of defendants were not violated by a bigoted judge who never should have been allowed in a court of justice. One also wonders if her prejudices included other groups such as gays and lesbians.