Swedish Macho Party Doesn’t Want Immigrants

Fredrik Hansson made what he considered a reasonable statement by declaring himself in favor of a new Center in town that would serve the needs of immigrants. Unfortunately, for him, and the town, Sweden’s Democrat Party reacted with fury at the idea one should provide facilities for new arrivals in the nation. His name was wiped clean from the slate of candidates. A spokesperson for the party declared: “His remarks contradict the party’s program.” Mr. Hansson thought the entire issue was silly and shrugged it off with “I’d thought I’d stir the macho pot.”

Sweden, like many European nations has an population that is growing old and there are fewer and fewer young people who work and provide taxes to care for the elderly. This is not an issue of being macho or not, it is common sense to allow immigrants to enter Sweden unless there is a national effort to have women produce more babies.