Swedish Migration Board Might Migrate To Iraq

The Swedish Migration Board unboubtedly has been spending too much time in Stockholm and might benefit from a trip to the southern climes of hot and dusty Iraq. An Iraqi woman is going to be deported back home where she faces the prospect of being the victim of an honor killing, but, according to the Migration Board, all is well and peaceful in quiet Iraq. The Board has decided that reduction in violence in northern Iraq has been so powerful, that no one is really at risk living in that location. This decision was made against efforts of the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Red Cross which spoke about the dangers confronting the woman upon arrival in Iraq.

The Migration Board expert on Iraq stated that Iraq authorities can give the woman “reasonably effective protection against criminality.” We suggest a program be initiated to send this gentleman on an all expense free trip to northern Iraq where he can enjoy pleasant strolls through cities without fear of any danger. On the other hand, ducking might be a wiser policy.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky