Swedish Military Defends Surveillance Law

The head of Sweden’s armed forces entered the debate dealing with passage of a new law which allows the National Defense Radio Establishment to monitor all incoming and out going calls entering or leaving Sweden. Supreme Commander Haken Syren was upset at comments made in parliament during debate over the law and termed them “unfortunate” He admitted there was a gap between the need for intelligence and the rights of privacy and, naturally, came out on the side of the military. “When we face an opponent we ned to know its capabilities and capacity. Intercepting communications is one means for us to ensure we can take reasonable risks.”

We certainly would not advocate weakening of the Swedish military against its “opponents” but are somewhat confused since, as far as we know, Sweden hasn’t been at war in over a hundred years. Exactly, who are those “opponents” the Supreme Leader wants to know about? Who is planning what in Sweden? Perhaps, the Supreme Commander might get his officers together to figure out exactly who is the opponent they are fighting.