Swedish Nut Cases Unload 99 Proposals

In 1517, Martin Luther placed his famous 95 Theses on a door and began what is now known as the Reformation. Well, years passed and times changed so it was not unusual to discover that yesterday, Jimmie Akesson, leader of the right wing Sweden Democrats, decided to inform the world of his own views on life and the after life and so on. He attempted to place his 99 proposals on the door of Parliament so that after the upcoming election, “those who will be our colleagues(will) know what to expect from us.” Honestly, Jimmie, I think your colleagues know what to expect from you even before you have said a word. they know you are a nut case, they know you hate immigrants, they know you oppose any law that improves the lives of people in your nation. What exactly don’t they know after listening to you make a solitary speech?

There is something intriguing about setting a limit to what you don’t like. Martin Luther had 95 complaints and today we have people with numerous complaints. I prefer if the government established a limit as to the number of things you do not like, it might lead to reducing strain on our natural resources which consume so many trees.