Swedish Officials Linked To CIA Operations

The true story of the Bush authorized violation of human rights has yet to be written, but in the latest episode two prominent Swedish officials are now trapped in a situation in which their statements about rendition of two individuals most probably are wrong. Former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom and former prime minister Goran Persson in 2001 denied they knew there was a CIA connection to the deportation of two terror suspects, but a new book indicates they probably lied to a constitutional committee about this issue. Bodstrom stands by his view that he lacked knowledge the CIA would step in when the two men were deported. he insists it was not wrong to cooperate with another nation in dealing with the deportation of a suspected criminal.

The problem with Bodstrom’s view is that so far at least 24 individuals have finally been released from Guantanamo who most probably were imprisoned for up to seven years without the slightest evidence they had committed a crime. Mr. Bodstrom may never know whether or not he sent an innocent man to torture or death by cooperating with the CIA.