Swedish Poet On Catholic Church’s Plight

Swedish poet, Marcus Birro writing in the Local expressed his concern about the Catholic Church. “I love liberal Catholicism….I feel when reading about bishops…. their systematic, hellish, unrestrained abuses and violations have dragged my faith, my God and my belief in humanity into the dirt. These days are heavy with grief. What is happening could kill the Catholic Church.” These are the words of a human who loves the Catholic Church, and he is simply one of millions with such heaviness in their souls. A tragedy of the Catholic Church is being unable to reach out to such voices and ask for their assistance in bringing about changes.

Marcus Birro has some suggestions for his Church. He wants an end to celibacy, the ordination of women as priests, the end of attacks on gays and lesbians and acceptance of contraception as a means of birth control. These suggestions are not those of men who run the Church, but the question remains as to whether people like Birro or the Vatican can save the Catholic Church?