Swedish Politician Takes Swedish Classes!

Arvid Frandsen, a member of the Sweden Democratic Party is among the leading opponents of immigrants to the nation. He has spoken vigorously against teaching foreign languages in his wonderful school system because Swedes should only be speaking their language, not the babble that comes from those born in Muslim nations. However, it turns out that Mr. Frandsen was born in southern Juylland where people speak a local dialect that is difficult to understand. When he speaks with fellow members of this party, few in the room can understand his command of the Swedish language, and a common sight is to see men and women head for the toilet when he rises to declaim about foreigners who can’t even speak the Swedish language and want special attention in schools. Only Swedish should be spoken is schools is his policy demand.

The head of his party has informed the opponent of immigrants that he must take classes in the Swedish language because no one in his own party has the slightest idea what he is saying.

How about a requirement for a course in logic that all members of the Republican party should be required to take?

Instead of reading the Constitution, why not make Republicans take a course in American history taught by a scholar?