Swedish Racists Upset

Prior to opening of the Swedish Parliament there is a church session at which some words of wisdom are offered. Bishop Eva Brunner took the occasion to utter some inflamatory words: “The racism that says you don’t have as much worth as I do, that you shouldn’t have the same rights as I do; that you shouldn’t have as much worth as I do; and aren’t worthy of living in freedom, and that is the only reason–that we happenn to be born in different parts of the world–that is not worthy of a democracy like ours to differentiate between people.” Wow! Those are insulting words from supposedly a bishop of the church.

The racist minded Sweden Democrat Party led by Jimmie Akesson interprted the words to be directed at them and stormed out of the church session claiming such words were not the type of words wanted to hear in house of worship. After all, if this guy, Jesus Christ, who was from the Middle East showed up in the Akesson Sweden, he would be told to go back to where he came from.

Jimmie is a true Christian.