Swedish Teacher Against Children For Immigrants

A teacher in the town of Landskrona in Sweden decided to inform his students about his viewss toward immigrants. He made clear opposition to immigrants having children. Unfortunately for him, one of his students recorded the stupid remark and took his recording to the principal. The teacher was transferred to another school where he could continue making racist remarks. In fact, parents and other teachers claimed others on the staff were expressing such views. Finally, two years later the recording was broadcast on TV and the teacher was informed his services were no longer desired in the school system.

My complaint is the teacher is rather stupid. Immigrants have larger families than do native born people which means we teachers have more jobs if there are more immigrants. To attack immigrants is not OK if you are a teacher. Hell, mister, you had better want immigrants to have lots of children so we teachers can have lots of jobs. He should have been fired for stupidity rather than racism!