Swedish Teenagers Assault Iraq Refugees

The world of Europe has been changing since the end of World War II as millions of people from various regions of the world head for Europe in search of jobs and a better standard of living. Nations like Sweden which were fairly homogeneous places lacking much contact with non-Christians or people with darker colored skins have been confronted with the need to learn how to live with ‘the stranger.” Several months ago, an Iraqi boy migrant to Sweden was accused by students of his school of assaulting a Swedish girl. A group of thirty to fifty teenage boys and girls followed the boy home, surrounded his apartment building and threw rocks and hurled insults threatening violence to the Iraqi migrants. Police escorted about 40 people from the building to safety.

Only two teenage girls, aged sixteen and seventeen were charged with a crime. For some reason, a crowd of three dozen children can gather in public in Sweden, throw stones and threaten innocent people and the police could only identify two kids to charge with a crime. Is there something rotten in the state of Sweden? Why did people have to be escorted from their homes? Why weren’t forty kids escorted to jail? Just asking?