Swedish Woman Demands Right To Wear Niqab

The headscarf wars continue to bedevil European nations as Muslim females desire to wear their niqab and encounter places in society which do not believe such head dress fits into organizational conduct. A Stockholm woman has reported an adult education college to the Equality Ombudsman because she was told she could not wear n Islamic headscarf in class. The woman was told on January 15 if she persisted in wearing her niqab in class or in contact with faculty, she would have to leave the institution. The college rector, Britt-Marie Johansson, said, “at Vasterorts vux it is not allowed in the classroom to cover one’s face, with a veil or similar. The rule also applies in contact with staff. This means neither a niqab nor a burqa can be worn.

The woman offered a compromise by saying she would sit in the front of the classroom and remove the niqab during class, but the administration refused this request. I have taught Muslim women who wear the niqab and have not encountered any problems. It is much ado about nothing.