Swedish Writer Urges Shalit Release By Hamas

The Israel government has repeatedly charged that those participating in the flotilla from Turkey were only interested in destroying the nation of Israel and waging war against its people. The Netanyahu version of the flotilla is it was part of a Turkish scheme to attack innocent Israeli soldiers who just happened to jump on a ship located in international waters. Swedish crime writer, Henning Mankell, was among those alleged “terrorists” who launched attacks on Israel soldiers which led to the death of innocent people. Mr. Mankell, the Hamas terrorist, called for the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. “I have always argued that it is a scandal that Gilad Shalit was not released years ago. It does not serve the Palestinian cause to keep him imprisoned.” Interesting words from someone who was out to attack innocent Israel soldiers!

Mankell responded to those who claim his only concern is for those trapped in Gaza. He emphasized the struggle for freedom and democracy compelled all to “struggle against oppression and discrimination” regardless of who is the oppressor. I wonder if Benjamin Netanyahu will apologize for insulting those on the boats who were fighting for peace, and that includes peace for Israelis.