Syria And Al-Qaeda

The up and down world of Syria continues to confuse and bedevil those seeking to assist the people of Syria. After being pressured to provide aid and assistance to Syrian rebels by members of Congress, President Obama has switched to a policy of neutrality. Moderate rebel forces were informed that aid would not be forthcoming unless there were guarantees al-Qaeda units would not receive any assistance. To make matters worse, it is now necesssary to cross areas held by al-Qaeda in order to gain access to moderate troops. The Obama administration has established conditions that must be met by moderates in order to obain any supplies.

It must agree to the US/Russian plan to control chemical weapons, no weapons will go to any al-Qaeda group and there must be support for negotiations. Moderates must distance themselves from al-Qaeda or there will not be any support. Simply stated, the situation is completely confused.

2020, everyone will still be fighting in Syria and Vladimir Putin will still head Russia. As for Barack Obama…