Syria And Guns

It was only two years ago the Middle East erupted in demands for democracy and an end to petty dictators. It was only two years ago that secular and religious forces joined together in order to end the rule of Mubarak in Egypt and rid Tunisia of its semi-dictatorship. Thousands jammed the  streets of Cairo, people sang songs, they danced together and actually believed religious groups like the Muslim Brotherhood believed all were equal in a  new Egypt. That was then, today is now. Over 70,000 are dead in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad continues to insist he is only opposed by al-Qaeda and other “foreign” entities. Secretary of State John Kerry is proposing to furnish non-lethal aid to rebel forces.

Reality- Syria is a time bomb ready to explode if Assad is driven from power. Religious forces are prepared to take power, they are ready to force Christians to flee for their lives. There is NO peaceful solution awaiting if Assad leaves-as he must. We will witness another civil war who’s outcome is unclear. Prepare for the new civil war.