Syria And Israel Reportedly Reach Agreement

There are reports Syria and Israel have reached agreements on a series of proposals which hopefully will result in an end to their conflict and resolution of all outstanding issues between the two nations. According to a report in Maariv, both nations informed Turkish mediators who have been working for peace between the nations, they have agreed to bite the bullet and bring peace to the region. The agreement includes: (a) ending the state of war between Syria and Israel, and (b) exchange ambassadors and establish diplomatic relations. Israel promises to withdraw all troops from the Golan Heights and the area will be demilitarized. Syria agrees to reduce the number of its troops which are currently stationed near the area. An early warning station manned by international forces will be placed on Mount Hermon.

Terms of the proposed agreement include Syria cutting off its close ties with Iran which most probably would include forbidding Syria from supplying terrorist groups such as Hizbullah. If hopefully, the agreement is finally signed and goes into effect, it once again demonstrates the importance of getting third party nations like Turkey involved in peace negotiations within the Middle East and having Condi Rice and Americans remain out of the picture. The United States as this point in time is simply not regarded as an impartial nation in any negotiations dealing with the Middle East.

  • Jeugenen


    Israel occupies that land usurped at the end of World War II from Palestinian territory, by the victorious British, for the colonial establishment of the millions of undesirable Marxist Jews, pathetic refugees from Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the USSR, who were categorically denied immigration into the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Historically, entire populations of Europeanized Jews had previously been forcefully expelled democratically by England, France, Spain, and Germany after experiencing their culturally unacceptable patterns of anti-Christian and criminal competition. Their recent notorious adherence to Marxist revolutionary ideology stigmatized them further, as morally despicable and politically dangerous people, except in America where a large competitive population of this type had never previously been experienced.

    Now, it is in the vital best interests of the United Nations of the World to formally accept Israel’s illegal existence as a permanent independent colony for all undesirable Jews from everywhere in World; after Israel and her supporting Diaspora formally apologizes, and justly and honorably agrees to fully compensate the Palestinians for all of their stolen territory, their destroyed infrastructure, and their losses of innocent lives.

    Because it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis, who have been unjustly denied the inalienable Human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the past 60 years; only the Palestinians have the moral power to sanction Israel’s right to permanently colonize Palestinian territory; and they shall grant that occupation right only after having received sufficient economic retribution to enable all desirable Palestinians to then happily emigrate and acquire education, property, and immigrant citizenship in those countries where their social and economic contributions are welcome.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Your history lesson would get the grade of “F” by any objective Middle Eastern historian.
    1. The Ottoman Empire census of Jerusalem in 1896 showed: 26,000 Jews, 9,000 Muslims, and 8,000 Christians.
    2.. there was no such country of Palestine. The area was a province in the Ottoman empire.
    3. Zionists actually began arriving in the latter part of the 19th century because they were welcomed by the Ottoman Empire which hoped they would economically develop the area.
    4. Throughout the period 1920-1941, it was the Arabs who attacked and murdered Jewish settlers. During this period, many Jewish leaders tried to obtain a one nation model in which Jews and Muslims would live in peace. their efforts were rejected.
    5. You ignore that at least five Arab nations invaded the new state of Israel. The Arabs had planes and tanks.
    Read a history book before you rant on in a tirade which categorizes and stereotypes a group of people. I assure you, competition was alive and well in America prior to large scale Jewish immigration. Ever heard of the “Robber Barons?” You obviously are as ignorant of American history as you are of the Middle East.