Syria And Israel

It is now over sixty years since the state of Israel was created and conflict arose between the  new nation and its neighboring Arab states. Actually, the conflict goes even further back to opening years of the 20th century when Jews began arriving in the province of Palestine at the invitation of the Ottoman empire. Israel and

It is now over sixty years since the new state of Israel and its neighbor, Syria, clashed over land. As the years passed there was one conflict over another, and, in virtually all cases Syria came out on the short end of the fight. CIA chief, John Brennan is now in Israel attempting to deal with desires of the Israel government to wipe out any and all missiles passing through Syria  on their way to Hezbollah in Lebanon. There already have been two Israel strikes at these missiles and Prime Minister Netanyahu has made clear there will be more air attacks in order to ensure that no missiles wind up with Hezbollah.

Has anyone in the Israel government considered an easier solution? How about forging a peace agreement withe Palestinians and making very, very difficult the ability of Hezbollah to strike at areas which contain Muslims and Jews? Peace with Palestinians is the BEST way to avoid war in the Middle East for the people of Israel.