Syria And Muslims

I write, not as a Muslim, not as a Jew, not as a Christian, but as a human being. Over a year has passed during which time thousands of innocent people in Syria have died at the hand of their beloved leader, Bashar al-Assad. A few days ago, shells tore into a Syrian town–once again– and the result was death for dozens, including children. Their white shrouded bodies are now on open display. Western media prints more stories about the thug known as President Assad, but  there is an amazing silence from one quarter– religious leaders of the Muslim religion.

Several months ago, some US soldiers, mistakenly burned some copies of the Koran. It was a mistake. There was no desire to hurt or kill. But, thousands of Muslims not only in Afghanistan, but throughout the world exploded in anger and violent demonstrations. Another hundred Muslims die in Syria and –no angry mobs, no speeches in mosques demanding action, just–SILENCE.

When did a book become more important than a Muslim life? Where are the imams? Why aren’t they marching into Syria?