Syria And Politics Of Confusion

The months roll by, the dead bodies accumulate, the press prints stories, the wounded flee to makeshift hospitals, the diplomats discuss, the babies die, the Russian government pleads for the safety of a dictator, and the people of Syria cry. Finally, the Arab League actually expelled a petty tyrant, but no nation has even suggested action comparable to what was done to oust Muammar Gaddafi from Libya. Russia has become the friend and ally of Syria in order to maintain some semblance of power in the Middle East. And, China casts a suspicious eye towards events which indicate that Syria which seeks to be friend of the Chinese may no longer be led by someone with such ideas.

American forces will soon depart from Iraq. Iran will not be concerned with Israel once it is possession of nuclear weapons. President Bashar al-Assad remains in control of a nation which is being torn to pieces. He has lost the friendship of Turkey, he is an outcast to  fellow Arab nations, but the  death toll continues to rise in his nation.

Reality is the evidence of growing confusion in the Middle East is NOT good news. It is simply a matter of time  before events lead to open war.